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Wet Blasting Equipment

Aquastorm wet blasting equipment

The Aquastorm is one of the best pieces of wet blasting equipment currently available on the market.

Unlike high pressure water blasting equipment, this uses water and abrasive together to form a slurry. When in use the pump presses water into the vessel (at a rate of 1-8 litres/min) thus displacing the exact same amount of slurry at the same time. This slurry passes a shutdown valve and enters the blast hose, in turn exiting the nozzle offering a dust free controllable alternative to conventional blasting.

The Aquastorm stands out from other forms of slurry blasting that are currently available on the market. Others will work with a pump that is constantly running - with the abrasive/slurry managed by a metering unit.

The Aquastorm works by only delivering the required amount (1-8 litres/min) generating a more precise result and much less wear on the moving parts. This means that soft cleaning - projects on facades or monuments, for example - is possible.

The accuracy and efficiency of the Aquastorm also makes for savings when it comes to the use of abrasive.

wet blasting equipment

Aquastorm wet blasting machine