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Abrasive Storage Elevators and Screw Recovery Systems

Airblast manufacture a range of large volume abrasive storage elevators which allow a larger quantity to be stored and used before recovering media.

These are ideal where product is varied in size or heavy and a bogie can’t be utilised for loading the booth, a large storage of abrasive and a steel blast room floor may be the answer. The elevator has all the characteristics of our standard Airblast media recovery elevator and benefits from our Dynamic Separator. This unit comprises a primary vibrator sieve and air wash. In this section any remaining dust is taken to the dust collector while spent abrasive and large contaminants are taken to a collection bin.

This method of separating spent abrasive, in a way that they are not taken to the dust collector, means that the collector elements are prevented from suffering premature wear. The operator can adjust the power of the vacuum to determine the minimum size of particle he wishes to remain in the system i.e. the higher the vacuum the larger the particle taken out of the abrasive.

Clean abrasive is now all that remains and this is deposited into a silo equal in capacity to the volume of the blast machine or machines. Once all the abrasive in the blast machine has been delivered, or at any other time the operator releases the dead man’s handle, the blast machine is automatically charged with fresh abrasive from the silo above.

Screw Recovery Systems

To assist in the media recovery operation, Airblast often make part of the blast booth floor capable of recovering media. These partial recovery floors incorporate one or several auger screw conveyers. Typically these partial screw recovery booths have a cross screw feeding the elevator and in some cases a series of further screws, longitudinal, feeding the cross screw laid out in a “H” configuration. Airblast incorporate an adjustable baffle media metering plate covering and protecting the screw preventing overloading.


Large Volume Abrasive Storage Elevators


Auger Screw Recovery Systems