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AbVac Grit Recovery Unit

No area is inaccessible with the AbVac Grit Recovery Unit from Airblast Eurospray.

Perfect for use in restricted spaces in city centres or for difficult to reach locations like bridges, water tanks or gas towers, AbVac is one of the most portable recovery devices available anywhere in the world.

AbVac reclaims up to 10,000lbs of blast media an hour, has low power requirements, is highly effective with extended hose lengths, is low-noise, and is very simple to use.

An electric-powered suction unit, it is mounted onto a rigid stand equipped with retractable legs. The unit is designed for the collection of dust and debris up to 50mm into a Big Bag. It can also be combined with an abrasive storage hopper to allow recovered abrasive to be reused.

A completely enclosed recovery system means operators can work without mask or goggles and with no risk to their respiratory health.

The retractable legs make it easy to move around and they allow the discharge outlet height to be adjusted to fit any size of Big Bag.

Its transportability means that AbVac is mostly used as a free-standing suction unit with the connection of a 3” or 4” hose. However, it is also suitable for fixed installations connected to a fixed installed pipe system with multiple suction outlets.

AbVac uses automatic discharge to allow operators to work continuously - improving working efficiency particularly in tricky locations where manual emptying is impractical.

Optimal solution

As the unit is designed and equipped with an outlet for connecting a Big Bag, it can be used without a separate drop out box. The unit requires no compressed air and offers huge airflow per kW. The high suction capacity, together with its flexible discharge system, makes the unit very useful in most grit recovery situations.

Due to its flexibility, the AbVac unit gets access to most areas where cleaning needs to be carried out, increasing media recovery rates usually limited by long runs of hose. The unit is easily manoeuvred using a standard forklift truck or crane.

Drop out hopper

By utilising a drop out hopper, recovered media is delivered to a silo leaving only dust fines to be delivered to the Big Bag. Silos are available in several sizes to feed up to four blast machines.

Media recovery rates

The unit is designed to recover up to 5 tonnes of media per hour based on expendable abrasive.


The vacuumed material is first separated in a specially designed fall chamber hopper with inlet wear protection. In this section all heavier or larger material will fall under gravity into the bottom of the hopper. From this section the air stream will continue to the main filter system where the remaining fine airborne dust will be separated. Collected material from both the above sections is commonly collected in the conical hopper in the unit.

Discharge of material is made via the automatically operated balance valve at the bottom of the hopper. Discharge is executed parallel to each filter cleaning sequence, which normally takes place every 30 minutes.

Filter cleaning is automatic and executed by a filter cleaning valve (ATM) located between the filter and the vacuum pump. When this valve is activated and opens up, a counter flow of air is sucked in backwards through the filter bags, thus cleaning all filter bags simultaneously in a very short period. Thereafter the valve is closed again.

Cleaning intervals are normally every 30 minutes, and last for approximately 20 seconds, after which full vacuum is restored. This valve also ensures that when the unit is started, it starts unloaded and vacuum load is introduced approximately 10 seconds after Star/Delta sequence is ended. All functions for the operation of the unit are controlled from the built-in electrical panel.

Why AbVac?

  • A robust unit for temporary mobile use.
  • Automatic Big Bag filling of collected material.
  • Power alternatives 16.5 & 25kW.
  • CEE power intake for 32 or 63 A respectively.
  • Filter system for dry and moist material.
  • Automatic ATM filter cleaning system, without compressed air.
  • Complete start/stop and controls system.
  • Compact design and retractable legs offer maximum transportability.
  • Can be placed in the exact location needed using a forklift.
  • Easy height adjustment to suit various Big Bags.
  • Various options of safety filters.


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Available with a wide range of flexible hoses, tools and extensions.

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