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Acoustic Sound Supressing Booths

Whether noise reduction is a priority or not, the benefits of improved noise control - across all manufacturing processes – are well known.

A better working environment leads to improved efficiency and a happier workforce. What’s more, better sound suppression can help improve focus and factory safety.

Noise is an inevitable outcome of the blasting process. Blast media continually impacting metal is an inescapably noisy process, made worse by the use of steel in the booth’s construction.

Our new Acoustic Sound-Supressing Blast Booths are built to last and significantly reduce noise. A steel structure uses composite panels made from EPS – a strong, high-density lightweight panel that represses noise.

The composite panels are insulating and contain a flame retardant tested to BS4735:1974. They are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards and work with any size booth.

The Noise at Work Regulations Act places the responsibility for noise control firmly on employers. It states that employers have a general duty to reduce the risk of hearing damage to the lowest reasonably practicable level.

Reducing noise at source is, according to the Health and Safety Executive, the best way to protect employees’ hearing. This single piece of guidance places the onus on booth designers like Airblast to continually innovate in order to help our customers meet their legal obligations.

Different panels are used to generate similar sound suppression for paint booths. Contact us to talk about your specific requirements.

Sound Supressing Booths are just one of a range of new innovations currently being realised at Airblast Eurospray. Noise-reduction, dust-extraction, space-management and humidity control are some of the facets of blasting and spraying we’re meeting with brand new efficiency-boosting solutions.

To find out more about improving the efficiency of your blasting or painting operations, or to discuss sound-suppressing blast booths, get in touch.

acoustic sound supressing booth

acoustic sound supressing booth