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Air Treatment

The moisture in the air depends on the air temperature; the warmer the air the more moisture it can hold, the colder the air the less moisture it can hold. Due to the nature of compressing air the air is heated meaning that the amount of moisture it can hold is increased. As the air is cooled the ability for it to hold that moisture decreases meaning air often become saturated with water vapour. The moisture needs to be removed from the air distribution piping and take off points to prevent interruptions.

There are 4 main types of dryer that provide various solutions to moisture saturated air:

Refrigerant dryers- Removes water and provides general purpose air, +3°C pressure dewpoint to class 4 ISO8573.1

Desiccant air dryers- Removes water and provides high quality air, -20 to -70°C pressure dew-point to class 1,2 or 3 ISO8573.1

Filtration- Removals particles and odours, general purpose to high quality sterile air range, oil carryover.

Breathing air- Breathing is controlled by legal requirements (BS EN12021) and must be abided by.
Air quality should be checked at least once every 3 months.

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