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Airblast AFC are on the right track

Airblast Eurospray’s American cousins have done it again. Airblast AFC have just completed work on a $1.4 million project for a large rail group which repairs, sells, manages, and leases a fleet of almost 23,000 various types of railcars and locomotives.

Airblast AFC is a joint venture between Airblast Ltd and AFC Finishing Systems (AFC) who have been manufacturing paint spray booths, air make-up units, powder coating equipment and more throughout North America since 1967.

The new facility comprises a blast booth, painting booth and drying booth for the maintenance of the railcars. The three booths are all roughly the same size at around 25 ft wide by 90 ft long allowing plenty of space for the larger railcars. The new facility features four blast machines which allow up to four operators to work on a job and personnel booths to ensure the safety and comfort of the workers.

But without a doubt the most exciting feature of this installation is its innovative Airflex Recovery Floor for the automatic recovery of abrasive materials in the blast booths. The Airflex Floor is made of modular corridors of six standard widths that can be produced to any length, giving enormous flexibility to recover from virtually any floor area. Unlike “H configuration” recovery systems, the Airflex Recovery Floor utilises 100 per cent of the floor space meaning that operators do not have to waste any time sweeping up the abrasive. The floor also reduces civil engineering costs as it requires a channel only 130mm deep and is more energy efficient than a traditional screw system.

The project began in February 2013 amid freezing temperatures and heavy snow fall. Unperturbed, the Airblast AFC team began work on the booths, even though it meant working outside in sub-zero temperatures, and the project was completed within 11 weeks.
With the success of this project, Airblast AFC have high hopes that they will be able to provide more services for the rail industry in the future. Here at Airblast Eurospray, we are very proud to see our products doing so well in the US and wish the Airblast AFC team the very best of luck.

To find out more about the blasting and painting solutions Airblast Eurospray can provide here in the UK, call us on 0845 7697225.