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Airflex Recovery Floor

The Airflex recovery floor system is typically suited to a production shot blasting environment. The floor for the automatic recovery of abrasive materials in our blast rooms is made up of modular corridors of six standard widths that can be produced to any length, giving enormous flexibility to recover from virtually any floor area.

The Airflex recovery floor has a series of flexible scraper blades set at preset intervals in each corridor. The blades rest against galvanised steel combs thus allowing it to push or pull the abrasive when the comb is behind the flexible scraper. On the alternate stroke the comb passes through the abrasive and the scraper blade passes over it. This back and forth motion, when repeated, causes the abrasive to be shunted along with each alternate stroke.

Eventually each individual accumulation of abrasive, in the linear corridors, is deposited into a transversal corridor running at right angles to the rest of the floor. This transversal corridor transfers the abrasive to the elevator and grit wash.

This unit comprises of a primary vibrator sieve and air wash. In this section any remaining dust is taken to the dust collector, spent abrasive and large contaminants to a collection bin. This method of separating spent abrasive, in a way that they are not taken to the dust collector, means that the collector elements are prevented from suffering premature wear.

The operator, by adjusting the power of the vacuum placed on the abrasive, decides what minimum size of particle he wishes to remain in the system i.e. the higher the vacuum the larger the particle taken out of the abrasive.

Clean abrasive is now all that remains and is deposited in a silo equal in capacity to the volume of the blast machine or machines. Once all the abrasive in the blast machine has been delivered, or at any other time the operator releases the dead mans handle, the blast machine is automatically charged with fresh abrasive from the silo above.

blast room airflex recovery floor

Full sweep floor with integrated pit

blast room airflex recovery floor

Blast room abrasive elevator

blast room airflex recovery floor

Blast room sweep floor