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Blast Cabinets

We have a range of Pressure or suction blast cabinets with unique features for your blasting comfort.

The Ergotech range of blast cabinets are designed along three separate principles ensuring whatever your particular requirement we have a machine to suit it.

Our Direct Suction Blast Cabinets work by pulling media into the airstream through to the gun and are suitable for low pressure and intermittent use. Suction cabinets suit a wide variety of blasting applications and require less air to run than other models.

Our Direct Pressure Blast Cabinets are more suitable for heavy use and are ideal for removing tough corrosion or coating and processing larger areas. The direct pressure cabinet can be used with either a 7.5ltr blast pot, a 30ltr pot or, for particularly arduous applications, a 70ltr blast machine and cyclone unit.

Finally, our Wheel Blast Cabinets are specifically designed to be able to process wheels quickly and effortlessly prior to coating. This cabinet features heavy duty wheel support and has an integral dust extraction system to remove airborne particles for better visibility.

All three of our blast cabinets are constructed in such a way that, with upgrade kits available from our stock, each cabinet can be taken from one format to another if your blasting requirements change.

However, if none of these precisely fit your specification, we can also offer bespoke blast cabinets made to your exact requirements. See our Special Blast Cabinets for more details.

For more information on any of our blast cabinets please click the links below to view our product pages:

If you’re unsure which of these will be best suited to your requirements, please go to our contact us page, or alternatively call our sales team on 0845 7697225 and they will be happy to advise you.

blast cabinets

Suction Blast Cabinet

pressure blast cabinets

Pressure Blast Cabinet

When a standard cabinet will not fit the bill. We have great experience in designing special bespoke units.

Fully or partly automated or just individual in dimension we have many successful one off projects to our name. This particular cabinet processes jeans. A distressed look is obtained by shot blasting the garment. Whilst one pair is processed the "loader" prepares the next pair at the rear of the machine ready to be spun to the blaster.