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Direct Pressure Blast Cabinets

The Ergotech 850 Direct Pressure Cabinet on the left is shown with a 7.5ltr blast pot but is also available in an upgrade 30ltr mode.

This cabinet is particularly suited for the more arduous production application. The larger 30ltr pressure vessel gives longer periods of blast between refills of media from the cabinet hopper.

Typically a pressure cleaning machine will work faster than a suction machine but will also allow the delicate work of low pressure to be achieved that is usually associated with a suction variant.

These units are ideal for processing larger areas or removal of tougher corrosion or coatings. For the most arduous work Airblast can incorporate a 70ltr blast machine and cyclone unit.

For large flat areas Airblast can also utilise its Fan Blast nozzle when a 30 or 70ltr blast machine is used.


  • Drop down door to save space
  • External pressure release valve for enhanced safety
  • Telescopic arm to hold blast nozzle so both hands can be free while blasting
  • Air vent to make sure grit is not sucked up by dust collector
  • Pressure regulator
  • High visibility while blasting
  • Made from heavy duty materials for long life span
  • Plastic lenses to protect glass from abrasive
  • Gloves are attached to door for extra safety
  • Automatic shut off when door is open

For more information about our direct pressure blast cabinets please call 0845 7697225 or email

direct pressure blast cabinets

Direct Pressure Blast Cabinet

blast cabinet telescopic arm

Telescopic arm

blast cabinet door

Fold down door