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Dry Back Spray Booth


When Airblast Eurospray were first contacted by this particular client, a Rolls Royce company that manufactured gearboxes for turbine engines a growing part of the business was the re-conditioning of old units.

A section within the factory had been designated to house a new cell. This cell would contain the surface finishing equipment, blast and paint, required to bring this element of the re-working in-house and under their control. Previously the paint process had been done in a remote over utilized paint shop elsewhere in the factory.

Key Decision Making Factors

  • Location of proposed unit: Inside existing factory
  • Units Working Hours per Day: Minimal, this application only called for 1-2 hours painting per day
  • Internal Dimensions: (l) 4m, (w) 4m, (h) 3m

Our Solution

As the utilization of the proposed paint facility was to be low and required no force drying Airblast proposed a dry back booth rather than the more expensive wet back option (Wet back facilities are more commonly utilized in production environments when the more expensive initial outlay of the wet back can be realistically offset against the cost of replacement filter cartridges on dry back units). The customer had local existing electrical fittings that were not compliant with HSE guidance for those within range of paint spray application. To counter this an extended canopy was installed.

Statistics in Brief

  • Facility Type: Modular Dry Back
  • Weather Proof: No
  • Internal Dimensions: (l) 4m, (w) 4m, (h) 3m
  • Safety Alarm System: Included