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Dust Extraction System

Airblast Eurospray have spent many years developing systems which provide optimal blast room dust extraction and ventilation.

We believe it is of the utmost importance to ensure that dust is moved quickly and efficiently through the blast room to allow for clear visibility, to decrease wear on parts and to provide a better blast quality. Our dust extraction rate is 0.254m/s (50fpm), a rate at which we can indefinitely suspend a particle of metallic dust, preventing it from falling out of the airstream until we have captured it within the dust extractor. By capturing dust as it is generated we avoid the build-up of dust associated with many booths on the market today.

Our dust extraction systems allow air to enter the booth at high level and exit at low level meaning that we work with gravity. Many manufacturers avoid this method because it requires sophisticated air inlet and outlet fabrications to prevent fugitive emissions of abrasive particles, which add cost to the installation. Instead, they choose to extract dust at a high level - a less expensive but fundamentally flawed option as the dust extraction system is working against gravity, which generally results in a typically dusty blast room.

Whilst Aiblast Eurospray's systems are occasionally a little more expensive, the benefits are worth the extra cost, as the system allows for blasting in a virtually dust free environment improving safety and efficiency. Please see the video below for a demonstration of just how effective our ventilation systems can be.