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Garnet Recycler

Airblast Eurospray's Garnet Recycler helps to deliver a constant supply of recycled abrasive to improve operator efficiency.

General mode of operation: Following the blasting process abrasive becomes laden with particles of the removed coating, corrosion particles, spent abrasive, large contaminants and dust.

This mixture when delivered in to the elevator hopper is elevated to the Dynamic Separator. This unit comprises of a primary rotary sieve and air wash. In this section any remaining dust is taken to the dust collector in the Airjet unit, spent abrasive and large contaminants to a collection bin.

This method of separating spent abrasive, in a way that they are not taken to the dust collector, means that the collector elements are prevented from suffering premature wear. The operator, who, by adjusting the power of the vacuum placed on the abrasive decides what minimum size of particle he wishes to remain in the system i.e. the higher the vacuum the larger the particle taken out of the abrasive.

Clean abrasive is now all that remains and is deposited in a silo equal in capacity to the volume of the blast machine or machines. Once all the abrasive in the blast machine has been delivered or at any other time the operator releases the dead mans handle the blast machine is automatically charged with fresh abrasive from the silo above.

Contaminants are delivered to a bulk bag for disposal. The whole unit is skid mounted and is designed to be mobile.

Our Skid Mounted Garnet Recycler

The elevator comprises of three filter / cleaning devices.

  1. Initially the abrasive falls over rotary sieve. This sieve is set at an angle and delivers all large contaminates directly to a collection bin at floor level.
  2. All particles that make it through the sieve fall into an air wash. Any dust particles are taken away via connecting duct work to the dust extractor.
  3. Also caught up in this air stream are any particles of spent abrasive. These particles will, if allowed, damage the filter media. To counter this in between the air wash and the duct to the extractor we install an air plenum. As the air travels slower through this section any particles of spent abrasive fall out of the air stream onto and are delivered to the collection bin described above.
  4. Finally good abrasive is delivered to the hopper above the blast machines.


  • 4.45M H x 2.3M W x 2M D

Weight (Empty)

  • 3250KG

Abrasive Storage Capacity

  • 1600 Litres

Typical recycling rates

  • 6.25 to 9 tonne of Garnet per hour

Power Consumption

  • Electrical - 2.2kW 230 / 400 Volt at 50Hz
  • Air – Clean dry air at 4bar


  • The unit is designed to be laid on its side and pushed into a standard ISO container. The top (rear when laid down) of the unit is skid mounted with fork lift point at the apposing end.

Dust Extraction

  • Application Dust extraction for a shotblasting application
  • Gas Volume 900m3/hr (500cfm) Maximum
garnet recycler

Garnet Recycler