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High Carbon Abrasive

High carbon abrasives are the abrasive of choice for most of the blasting industry due to the number of benefits that they carry.


  • High energy transmission- Due to the high carbon, the grit is very hard. When blasting the grit does not deform on impact meaning the the full force of blasting is onto the work-piece.
  • Higher coverage- Other low carbon grits are produced at a larger size to combat break-down, however with a larger shot the coverage is much lower and inefficient. The smaller high carbon grit is able to stay at a small size and maintain its shape to give the best coverage possible.
  • Finishes- Due to the hardness of the high carbon grit, there are a number finishes that low carbon grits cannot achieve.

Technical specification PDF's

For more information about our high carbon abrasives and how you can get them please call on 0845 7697225 or email us.