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High Chrome Abrasive

High chrome abrasive is the abrasive of choice to avoid ferrous contamination when blasting. High chrome abrasive is manufactured to the highest levels of durability, energy transmission and will not transmit ferrous contaminates.


  • Environmentally friendly- Manufacturing, blasting and recycling of high chrome abrasive are all environmentally friendly.
  • Technically effective- Long durability with high energy transmission.
  • Economical- Provides low operating cost with the need for less abrasive to finish the job.
  • Contaminant free- The process of production means no contaminates are given off the abrasive.

Typical uses

  • Non rust materials- The use of high chrome abrasive is beneficial on non rusting materials such as aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, brass and bronze.
  • Surface finishing- The high chrome abrasive can be used as finishing treatment on different kinds of castings, wire and welded parts and profiles.
  • Concrete & stone- High chrome abrasive gives a rough anti-skid surface to natural stone and concrete which is perfect for footpaths and flooring.

For a full data sheet of Airblast Eurospray's high chrome abrasive please click here.

For more information about our high chrome abrasives and how you can get them please call on 0845 7697225 or email us.