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Industrial Spray Booth and Oven

Airblast Eurospray's preferred configuration for combination spray booth and oven facilities always allows for the correct emergency escapes to be fitted ensuring maximum safety and compliance whilst we also consider the ideal airflow to ensure limited turbulence is achieved ensuring perfect conditions for the sprayer and the minimum clearance time.

Our standard control systems allow for variable conditions to exist within the facility, whilst the latest energy management controls save considerably on the running costs.

Our spray booths have full capabilities and can increase product temperatures to 80°C if required, or can be set at any point up to this for reducing drying times thus increasing production.

Every aspect of the spraybooth is designed to offer maximum performance, value for money and profitability to the switched on paint shop. They represent the ultimate in clean air technology and high productivity, and provides the perfect controlled environment for the spraying of paints in safety and, thereafter, a low bake facility to promote rapid cure times.

At Airblast we believe in making sure the industrial spray booths we install are as energy efficient as possible. With this in mind we can include controls that adjust the airflow and temperature to suit a spraying, flashing off, drying or empty situation. We also monitor for the presence of personnel in the spray booth and control the lighting accordingly as well as monitoring the filter condition and indicating when it requires replacement. Numerous safety alarms are present including over temperature, flame failure, filter blocked as well as status indicators, chart recorders and process timers as required.

Airblast’s expert spray booth engineers will design, supply, install and commission combined spraying and low bake facility to comply with regulations covering:

  • Health and Safety at Work with specific reference to PM25, COSHH, HSG 178, HSG 258 and INDG 408.
  • Environmental Protection Act PG6/20, PG6/23, PG6/34a, PG6/33.
  • Petroleum Officers' requirements
  • Electrical Safety - IEE Regulations
  • Gas Council requirements – Gas Safe.

With the back up and support of our nationwide service teams, Airblast will help you to maintain the highest possible standard of work in your paint shop for years to come.

combination spray booth and oven

An industrial rolling stock spray booth.

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Industrial spray booth