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Midland Paint and Powder have it all

Airblast Eurospray has recently completed installation of a containerized blast room for trade coater Midland Paint and Powder.

Since being established in 1990, Midland Paint and Powder has offered sub-contract paint and powder work and specializes in large products and structures. The company has a wide range of customers from various industry sectors including fabrications, machine manufacturing, transport, marine, stage rigging and industrial doors.

As Midland continued to grow, their customers started looking for more complex paint systems requiring a shot-blasting element and the company saw an opportunity. Instead of handing the shot blasting work over to a contractor, they decided to install a facility which would allow them to bring the blasting work in house.

Their main specification was that the blast facility had to be large enough to accommodate the size of the projects they were working on. The company were used to coating large scale products up to 8m x 2.5m so needed a facility that could match this. They also needed the facility to be able to cope with the wide variety of substrates they deal with, which include aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

Airblast Eurospray worked with the company to design a facility that met all their needs and work began in September. They agreed that a containerized blast room would be the best solution for them. This is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of creating a mid-size blast room as shipping containers are available in a variety of sizes, easy to convert and fully watertight.

Midland chose a 40ft x 9.6ft x 8ft container which included an Airblast 2040 blast pot with Deadman system and water separator, a monorail loading system which can support up to a 2.5 tonne load, a Thompson II valve and abrasive shut down capability, a media recovery and reclamation system, dust arrestor and an operator’s breathing filter and associated personal protection equipment.

Midland selected a high chrome content metallic non-corroding abrasive so that the facility could be used with both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. In addition, they have purchased a pressurized hand cabinet for small parts also using high chrome abrasive.

The install took place in September and took approximately a week to complete and Midland were very pleased with the installation process. The facility is now up and running but will be officially launched alongside the company’s new website in January.

For more information about Airblast Eurospray please call 0845 7697225.