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Paint Mixing Rooms

Paint mixing rooms: Our paint mix enclosure is manufactured from either single skin galvanised steel panels or double skinned and insulated wall panelling finished with a white polyester coating. If located externally the outside is fitted with plastisol sheeting.

Ventilation typically incorporates an extract fan to provide ventilation up to double the H&S recommended 20 air changes per hour (it is our experience that only by exceeding the 20 air change requirements can the solvent odours correctly removed from the room). The extract is at both bench level and floor level ensuring complete removal of fumes.

Replacement air enters the room via replaceable filter panels to maintain a clean environment and exclude contaminating particulates. Lighting is supplied with each Paint Mixing Room The Paint mix room can be supplied with a choice of mixing benches and paint racking systems.

If required heating is provided by initially an electric zone 1 rated 1kW frost protection system. This is set to maintain the room at min 5°C. During booth operation the facility will utilise an externally located 3kW heating system capable of lifting the booth to 16°C. This unit will be fully compliant for use within a PMR being fitted with devices to stop the leaching of fumes back to the burner when the PMR is not in use. This heater, along with the ventilation, will be linked into the light switch i.e. when personnel enter the Booth turning on the lights will trigger the heating and ventilation to commence.

spray booth paint mixing rooms

Paint mixing room