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Plastic Media Blast Rooms

Due to the controlled nature of Plastic Media Stripping or PMS, the need for a booth built from steel is negated. The Airblast plastic media blast room is manufactured from Eurobond Lamella panels with a white internal and outer face (smooth polyester).

The panels stand vertically and are the full height of the booth. Vertical jointing of the panels is via a pre formed tongue and groove edge. The reflective white walls enhance lighting levels while the insulated construction offers sound attenuation. What's more, the use of light weight materials allows for quick assembly.

On larger plastic media blast booths, Airblast can install a Megadoor. All Megadoors are specifically engineered for the particular application being considered, and are installed and maintained by local firms who specialise in servicing the aerospace industry. Each door is constructed to ISO9000 certified quality assurance criteria to provide extremely reliable service at a very low life-cycle maintenance cost.

To view a PDF brochure of all the blast rooms we offer please click here.

plastic media blast booths

Large aircraft sized plastic media blast room with full recovery floor

plastic media blast booths

Airblast incorporated a large hangar door on this installation