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Spray Booths

Our innovative approach to spray booth and paint booth solutions ensures the customer is always supplied with a solution that fits their production requirements.

From simple open fronted spray booths to enclosed booths with or without heated air replacement to bespoke specialist designs, Airblast has the design to suit. Unlike many of our competitors, our designs and our back up ensure the customer is fully compliant. This includes health and safety guidance notes not limited to HSG178, HSG258, INDG408 and PG6/20, 23, 33 and 34A.

All paint spray booths are of a modular design making for economical and efficient installations, easy to change filter media, smooth internal surfaces, generous headroom, British low noise fans and over rated airflows ensure compliance even with partially blocked filter media. The paint spray booth is either single skinned galvanised steel or double skinned insulated steel manufacture.

Whether open fronted or enclosed, the paint booth can be supplied with either dry filter or waterwash extract units. These can be either tunnel, sidewall or downdraught designs dependent upon the component, application method and available space on site.

The air replacement can be either filtered 'shop air' inlet system (drag through or fan assisted) or a heated air replacement system. If required, a full air conditioning system with cooling and humidity controls can be supplied.

At Airblast Eurospray we believe in making sure the systems we install are as energy efficient as possible. With this in mind we can include controls that adjust the airflow to suit a spraying, flashing off, drying or empty situation. We also monitor for the presence of personnel in the paint booth and control the lighting accordingly as well as monitoring the filter condition and indicating when it requires replacement. We can in certain situations include a recirculation system when spraying, significantly reducing your heating costs.

With Airblast Eurospray, you get more than just a spray booth; you get an individual approach, innovative thinking, and the on site back-up once installed to make sure your spraying facility is working at its maximum efficiency at all times.

Our range of spray booths:


Our paint booth's roof and wall panels are of durable double skinned construction, with two metal skins auto bonded to both sides of a 80mm thick wall panels and 100mm thick ceiling panels with an insulative polyurethane core. The steel is galvanized and coated with hard white PVC polyester.


Our paint spray booths utilise high level lights, each comprising three colour-corrected fluorescent tubes giving instant, flicker-free and uniform levels of light, with luminance in excess of 1200 Lux. Airblast uses modern electronic ballast on its spray booth lighting, which eliminates flicker, doubles tube lifespan, and produces more light while using 25-30% less energy.


When it comes to paint spray booth ventilation, Aerofoil fans are a popular choice for many spray booth manufacturers, as they offer high performance at a relatively low cost. However, some budget manufacturers fit aerofoil fans without proper consideration of the engineering issues involved. A number of paint spray booths on the market that appear to be a ‚€úbargain‚€Ě prove to be noisy and provide poor airflow and over spray removal, especially against high back pressures (i.e. long ducting runs or progressively blocked extraction filters). Worse still, many budget price paint booths are fitted with cheap plastic bladed fans. These tend to lose their aerodynamic shape once exposed to the heat of a number of bake cycles, and after only a short period of use, struggle to maintain any appreciable airflow.


Inlet air is filtered to less than 7 microns, providing even air distribution throughout the paint spray booth with the minimum of air turbulence, thereby creating the ideal clean air environment for spraying of your components, with excellent over spray removal and minimised risk of contamination.

Unique Mixed-Flow Fans

Airblast often takes the unique step of fitting mixed-flow fans to the spray booth. We believe this is the perfect paint booth fan, offering the best of both worlds - being exceptionally quiet, good against high backpressures and generating airflows comparable to aerofoil fans. These fans are incredibly reliable, and, being direct drive, they are virtually maintenance-free, indicative of the quality engineering inherent in a product supplied by Airblast.

Air Handling Plant

Our paint spray booths come with a high efficiency air handling plant, with mixed airflow fans delivering high airflows using maintenance free direct-drive fans, providing robust long life with very low breakout noise.

In spray mode the booth operates in a condition of negative air pressure, whereby the main control panel automatically fine tunes the pressure balance to compensate for the progressive filling up of the filters with paint over spray. Should the booth slip into a condition of positive balance during spraying an audible alarm will sound and booth shutdown will activate automatically.

Economy Pack

The economy pack utilises a variable speed control system to automatically reduce airflows in the paint booth when the operator is not spraying, and so maintains the clean environment in the booth while reducing gas and electricity consumption by up to 80%. High speed running is selected automatically via an airflow detector in the compressed air line, when the operator begins spraying. On completion of spraying it will remain at high speed for a timed period before reverting to economy mode.

Noise Control

The booth provides a comfortable, stress-free working environment by maintaining low noise levels of less than 75dBA.


Extracted air is filtered to EPA requirements by duplex filter media, mounted at front of booth either side of main door ensuring an ideal turbulence free air movement along the spray booth, and extracted via 710mm ducting to atmosphere.

Heater units

Our fully modulating gas-fired duct burner system offers very accurate temperature control in all conditions.

Typical performance data:

  • Spray cycle maximum air temperature increase over ambient of 28¬°C controlled to within +/- 1.5¬°C
  • Bake cycle maximum air temperature of 100¬°C. Temperature increase from 20¬°C to 80¬°C achieved in 7 minutes on direct gas-fired units (approx 10 minutes for the oil-fired system).

Spray Booth Clearance Times

In normal spray booths the over spray appears to have cleared more-or-less immediately, but in fact a fine, invisible mist re-circulates in vortices against the walls. The time taken for a paint booth to dilute and remove this invisible mist is known as the spray booth clearance time. Current Health and Safety Executive initiatives target a reduction in the high incidence of respiratory illness among sprayers caused by inhalation of fine airborne paint mist when, for instance, a sprayer lifts his face piece to view the quality of paintwork, or takes off his air-fed breathing apparatus before the booth has cleared and summarised in INGD 408.

Clearance Indicator System

Airblast Eurospray's paint spray booths can be equipped with a clearance indicator system. Amber beacons, typically situated above each personnel entry door, indicate when spraying is in progress and the booth should not be entered. A further internal unit warns the sprayer that all air-fed respiratory protective equipment should remain in place. These beacons automatically switch off once the clearance time of the spray booth has elapsed following completion of spraying, indicating the booth is now free of hazardous isocycanites.

Spray Booth Controls

While our control system is highly sophisticated, Airblast Eurospray‚€™s philosophy is that all paint booth controls should be robust, operator-friendly and easy to use. The remote (operators) control panel, while typically installed adjacent to the personnel entry door, can be located to suit individual site requirements. The spray/dry mode temperatures, and dry cycle timing, are adjustable on a ‚€ėset and forget‚€™ basis, thereafter all control systems are automated and electronically monitored. The operator has to merely press the appropriate function button to start the required process. Sensors are included to switch off lights should operators leave oven and a pre set time lapse has occurred.

Paint Booth / Spray Booth Key Features:

  • Automatic spray/dry mode changeover
  • Automatic pre-set temperature control
  • Cool down at termination of dry cycle
  • Cabin pressure monitoring with readout gauge
  • Automatic pressure balance adjustment
  • Operator pre-set dry and cool down timers

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