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Testing Equipment

testex tape and snap gauge

Testex Tape and Snap Gauge


Make low cost surface replicas of blast surface profiles that can be measured and retained or attached to contract reports. This unique simple technique produces accurate profile measurements with the accompanying gauge and burnishing tool. Testex tape in two grades, coarse for profiles up to 2 thou (50 micron), x-coarse for profiles from 1.5 thou to 4.5 thou (38 to 115 micron). Correct profile measurements ensure that specifications have been adhered to and that coatings will stay on for their optimum lifetime.

magnetic thermometer

Magnetic Thermometer

Stock No: E0001

Magnetic bi-metal thermometer clamps to steel surfaces and measures temperature.

coating thickness gauge ferrous

Coating Thickness Gauge - Ferrous

Stock No: TEC3004

Eban 1000, low cost analogue coating thickness gauge for ferrous substrates. Read off thickness, or pass/fail. Easy to use and reliable. Alternatively ask for details on more sophisticated models as the Eban 3000, state of the art range with add-on features, comes complete with carrying case, calibration foils, measuring probes and battery, or several none ferrous options.

paint test equipment kit

Paint Test Equipment Kit

Stock No: K2030

This is a high specification kit which contains all the necessary test equipment for anyone who has to measure and test paint and associated applied coatings. Standard contents: EBAN3000 (F), Calibration Foils (precision measured) BS Whirling Hygrometer, Digital Thermometer, Dew Point & RH% Calculator, Wet Film Gauge (stainless), Testex Tape Roll (50 impressions), Testex Snap Gauge, Burnishing Tool, ISO Surface Roughness Comparator (for grit blast), Steel Zero Plate (Precision Ground).

hypodermic gauge

Hypodermic Gauge

Stock No: MEAHNG50330

For accurate pressure testing at the blast nozzle.