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Water blasting demo makes a splash!

Airblast Eurospray recently announced their partnership with Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) water blasting machinery manufacturer CESCO and staged a demonstration of their latest product - the AquaMiser ULTRA BOSS D115. The demonstration was a terrific success and attendees really got to see what the ULTRA BOSS can do.

CESCO’s UHP water jetting or water blasting equipment offers a new approach to Airblast Eurospray’s various methods of surface preparation. This system, widely sold throughout the USA, under certain circumstances offers advantages over our traditional abrasive blasting equipment through its suppression of dust. Besides the obvious health and safety benefits for the operator, UHP also eliminates abrasive costs and minimises clean-up costs for machinery owners in the correct circumstances. Today this machinery is widely used in paint removal during ship repair, highway / paint marking removal, concrete removal, and much more. It also removes softer materials like rubber & urethane that traditional grit blasting can struggle with.

The AquaMiser ULTRA BOSS D-115 is a computer-controlled, full colour touch screen, self-sufficient, diesel-powered, high-pressure blasting/cleaning system. With this combination of blasting technologies there isn’t much this unit can’t do. All that is required is a clean adequate water supply source of 6gpm or greater. The D-115 is a sturdy framed mobile blast system intergraded with tandem axles and a tongue so as to function as a trailer unit and is capable of pressures up to 40,000 psi at 3 gpm. This means that there is considerably less water to contain and dispose of. The low gpm directly relates to less operator fatigue due to reduced gun thrust. Also, less water is required to complete the job (only a ¾” hose is needed for feed water).

For more information please call Gary Cox on 0845 7697225.