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Water Wash Spray Booths

The Airblast No-Pump Water Wash unit is a product based on tried and tested technology and fitted as standard into our water wash spray booths.

The principle is based on splitting off the top layer of water in the tank and lifting it, via fan pressure, into the airflow. This scrubs the over spray out of the air and captures it in the water, which is then removed from the airflow by means of several eliminator plates. The water then returns to the tank via a drainage system.

As the water level and air pressure in the scrub chamber are critical, an automatic depression control valve assembly mounted on the side of the unit regulates them, thus removing the possibility of operator error.

Having no separate water pump, this unit benefits from lower maintenance costs when compared to a standard pumped unit and reduced down time when compared to dry filter booths, due to not having to stop production to change filters.

If the unit is fitted with a paint sludge removal system, the down time is then further drastically reduced. This unit is a simple chemical or physical water filtration system which removes the paint solids from the water. A price for this unit can be supplied upon request.

With automated water level control and a single direct drive centrifugal fan unit, the no-pump booth is probably the simplest and most cost effective booth for the medium to high user.

All Airblast water wash units are fitted with a stainless steel water tank as standard in order to withstand modern, more aggressive water treatment chemicals needed to treat water based paints.

Water Wash Spray Booths with Axial Flow Fans

spray booth wet back facility

No pump water wash

spray booth wet back facility