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Weatherproof Blast Rooms

Airblast weatherproof blast rooms utilise the structural steel of a portal frame building to replace the blue diaphragm plates seen on our modular blast room.

By cladding the outside of this frame with Plastisol cladding, and lining the inside with our usual blast booth walls, we build an economical external booth.

Our weatherproof blast rooms can be designed to incorporate any type of media recovery system. All we require to put together a quotation is your criteria for the machinery to be included and size required plus your postcode.

We can then use this information to design your building in line with building requirements specific to your postcode. Should you decide to proceed with our proposal this design will then be transposed into a pre-cut kit of parts delivered to your site for assembly.

To view a PDF brochure of all the blast rooms we offer please click here.

weatherproof blast rooms

This mono pitch blast room variation has an extention to one side to house grit elevator and compressor

weatherproof blast rooms

Steelwork supports the blast room lining and the outer skin of the booth